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Ready to join Neptune's Navy? Sea Shepherd Global welcomes passionate individuals to crew aboard our global fleet of four ships. We're looking for people of all ages, backgrounds and skills who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime as they defend and protect the world’s oceans.

Volunteer at Sea

Neptune's Navy Needs You

We are looking for passionate ocean defenders who aren’t afraid of hard work, no pay, long hours, dangerous conditions and extreme weather. We need volunteers motivated by the fight to defend, conserve and protect our seas and marine wildlife from the many threats facing them today. Sea Shepherd operates on very limited resources, most of them going directly to maintain and operate our fleet. Our volunteer crew members are key to the success of our direct-action campaigns!


Sea Shepherd’s fleet is crewed by volunteers of all backgrounds from over two dozen countries and five continents. While the average age is 30, volunteers range in age from 19 to 61 years old, though we have no upper age limits to join our crew. Women make up almost half of our ships’ crew, including captains, marine engineers and officers. While preference is given to technically-skilled volunteers for positions such as marine engineers, navigators, radio operators, cooks and medics, we also need deckhands to keep the ship running smoothly. Previous experience working on board a ship is not required if you’re willing to learn new skills!


To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:


- You must be a minimum of 18 years old.

- You must know how to swim.

- You must comply with the Sea Shepherd “zero tolerance” drug policy and smoking rules.

- You are financially responsible for travel to and from the ship and all personal items.

- You must agree to be filmed/photographed while on campaign.


The Benefits
In addition to adventure, fulfillment, new friends, and the experience of a lifetime doing the hardest work you’ll ever love, all Sea Shepherd crew are given full room (bunk and bedding) and board (three hearty vegan meals a day), as well as onboard training by veteran crewmembers.


Positions Available
There are six primary areas on our ships: Bridge, Deck, Engine Room, Galley, Communications and Media. We are looking for navigators, sailors, marine engineers, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, welders, cooks, doctors, medics or nurses, small boat operators, photographers, videographers, computer and networking specialists, electronics hobbyists and experts, software developers, radio and antenna technicians, and even a few unskilled dedicated Ocean Defenders who are willing to be trained. If you are a ticketed navigator or marine engineer, please feel free to send your CV here.


Sea Shepherd’s campaigns take place throughout the year and rarely last less than a month, with many lasting up to four months or more. Preference is given to volunteers who are available for the most time. For new crewmembers with no specialized skills we look for a commitment of three months, where you’ll often be working on a ship while in port before qualifying for a sea campaign. Crew with specialized skills can usually join sea campaigns directly.


Our campaigns take place in oceans around the world, including the Antarctic, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Transportation to and from the ship is the responsibility of each volunteer.


Questions? Check out the FAQs before contacting our Crew Coordinator here.

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