Dutch Postcode Lottery Supports Sea Shepherd with €900,000

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2019

Sea Shepherd Netherlands Director, Geert Vons, and Sea Shepherd Global Executive Officer, Captain Alex Cornelissen, were presented with a check for €900,000 at the annual Goed Geld Gala of the Dutch Postcode Lottery held yesterday in the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam. To date, Sea Shepherd has received €17.4 million from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, funds that greatly benefit Sea Shepherd’s global campaigns.

370 million for charity thanks to the Dutch Postcode Lottery
The gala was an exciting and important night for 117 charities, as the Dutch Postcode Lottery announced that they will donate a record amount of over €370 million this year. The 3 million participants who play the Dutch Postcode Lottery make the charitable donation of millions by the lottery possible. Half the cost of every ticket sold is donated. Thanks to the lottery’s growing profits, €13 million more can be donated to the charities this year.

Photo: Roy Beusker Fotografie

About the National Postcode Lottery – Community Always Wins
The National Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 to support charity. Currently, 3 million Dutch nationals play the lottery, and each month they can win hundreds of thousands in prizes. At the same time, the participants are supporting important causes because half of all ticket sales get divided amongst 117 charities.

Since the Postcode Lottery was founded, more than €5.8 billion has been donated to humanitarian and environmental causes. The Postcode Lottery is active in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Norway. In the Netherlands, the National Postcode Lottery works together with the BankGiro Lottery and the Vrienden Lottery, forming a group called the Charity Lotteries. Novamedia/Postcode Lottery is the third largest private donor to charities in the world.

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