Perkunas Campaign 2018

Defending Harbor Porpoises in the Baltic Sea

Perkunas Campaign
The Fight for the Baltic Harbor Porpoises Continues

In 2018 Sea Shepherd returns to the Baltic Sea with the patrol vessel M/Y Emanuel Bronner. The Baltic harbor porpoise is critically endangered. Although the animals are protected on paper, measurements taken by governments are not sufficient to ensure the recovery of the population.

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Protecting Harbor Porpoises in the Baltic Sea
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Effective Monitoring of Gillnets in the Baltic Sea

Sea Shepherd Germany is patrolling the Baltic waters since April in an undercover operation. The crew of the M/V Emanuel Bronner is documenting and monitoring gillnets in areas that are essential for the survival of the harbor porpoise. This is the first Sea Shepherd campaign to use an ROV, a remotely operated underwater vehicle, for the effective monitoring of the nets set in protected zones. Although it is well known that porpoise, seals and seabirds often get entangled in gillnets, fishermen claim otherwise and report lower numbers of bycatch. With the ROV, we can see what is in the nets from safe distance, and we are not depending on the information that fishermen give us. The public has the right to know what is happening to protected species in the Baltic Sea.

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